My Unbelievable Art Journey from the Ashes of 9/11

I posted this last year but felt it was worthy of posting again for any new followers I have. I am constantly amazed by the phenomenal life experiences I’ve had through my art. I hope you enjoy reading my story of 9/11.

A tour of my home studio.

I have an absolutely beautiful home studio, I never dreamed I would be so fortunate! My studio used to be a two car garage so it is a pretty big room. The walls are painted Clay Bisque, a very neutral gray. My cabinets are a charcoal gray with a gray, black and white speckled laminate counter top. The trim and crown molding are painted white. I have a large island of four file cabinets in the middle of the room, two of them have six inch drawers and the other two have twelve inch drawers.


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