Hosting the Red Hat Club at Joyful Arts Studio, Inc.

I was absolutely full of anticipation as I awaited the arrival of the Red Hat Club. Tracy and Lindsey had created a gorgeous cake to serve our guest. The tables were spread with many bins filled with red and purple beads. I was wearing my red feather boa in honor of the regalia I knew they would be wearing. They were enjoying a delicious dinner at the Highline Cafe before joining me for a bracelet class.
My anticipation was not let down in anyway when the party of twelve women arrived. Eleven ladies were wearing purple with red accessories and the twelfth lady was wearing red with purple accessories. They were all wearing hats, jewelry, festive shoes…it was great to be amongst the Red Hat Club adorned in their regalia. Their mood was festive, laughter filled Joyful Arts Studio…I took a minute to soak it all in, a minute I certainly wanted to just enjoy.

I knew a few of the ladies, some for most of my life, Shirley Shatzer, and Nancy Henry.

They were a lovely group of ladies and each made their own beautiful bracelet. We enjoyed a piece of red velvet Red Hat cake. Afterwards, I asked the ladies to educate us on the requirements of being a Red Hatter. The Queen, Marlene Duffy, told us you must be over 50 and like to have lots of fun and enjoy laughter…who wouldn’t want to belong to this group? And you get to wear lots of red and purple!!!! I found out that the lady dressed in red rather than purple was having a birthday in July, Happy Birthday Betty Baker.

This group was so much fun, I hope they return someday. It was a very rewarding evening and again, I took a minute to give gratitude to be exactly where I am right now in my life!