Hump Day = Joyful Art Day

Today is Wednesday, Hump Day. I absolutely love Geico’s new commercial featuring the camel roaming around the office asking people, ‘Do you know what day it is?’ Finally one of the women humors the camel and tells him, why yes it is Hump Day. He shouts WooHoo with glee! Geico has some of the funniest commercials and they must have the most creative marketing team ever. Wednesdays are a day of joyful art for me. I travel to two nursing homes to have art class with the residents. Many of the residents I am working with have never been exposed to art classes. I spend one hour with each of the groups and find these two hours some of my most fulfilling hours of the week. Today as I finished my hour with the residents at Menno Village, they made it clear they were not finished. I have approximately 20 minutes to pack up and travel to the next nursing home. Today as I packed my things to leave, I noticed none of the residents were moving, they continued to working intently on their drawings. I stopped and just looked at each of them working through the creative process and was struck with a true sense of fulfillment. It became clear to me in that instance that I have shared the joy of art with these students and they were totally lost in the creative process! We will be having an art reception in July or August to exhibit their works of art. I am so looking forward to watching my student’s interactions with the attendees. I look forward to meeting their families and showing them the wonderful work their loved ones have completed.

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What a blessing you are to those people! (and I’m sure you’ll say what a blessing they are to you!)

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