A tour of my home studio.

I have an absolutely beautiful home studio, I never dreamed I would be so fortunate! My studio used to be a two car garage so it is a pretty big room. The walls are painted Clay Bisque, a very neutral gray. My cabinets are a charcoal gray with a gray, black and white speckled laminate counter top. The trim and crown molding are painted white. I have a large island of four file cabinets in the middle of the room, two of them have six inch drawers and the other two have twelve inch drawers. I have cubicle flippers hanging on my walls which are covered with a beautiful RED geometric fabric. It was very difficult for me to paint the room in such a soft neutral color but I absolutely love it. My RED on the front of my hanging cabinetry sets it off fantastically.

I have four tables in this room, each has its own purpose. The first and smallest one is an old white porcelain top table with brilliant classic red trim and design which I purchased at auction for $1. It took a good bit of work to reassemble the table and my friend made a drawer to replace the missing one. This table is my desk, perfect for my laptop and bill paying.

The second table is perhaps my favorite, it is an old red chrome dinette set which my husband purchased for me at an auction. The table and four chairs were literally in pieces. The table top was formerly used as a surface for spray painting, I used a box of Brillo pads bringing this beautiful red and chrome table back to life! I took the vinyl covered chairs to be recovered, now this dinette set will last another 50 years! This is where I create jewelry, the table is stacked with bins of beads and tools.

The third table and fourth tables match my cabinets and countertop. I use one for painting, watercolor painting, decorative painting…you name it. The fourth table is open for framing, matt cutting, photography, etc. These tables are both covered with plexiglass. Under this plexiglass I have photographs of my family members, lots of my children but most of them are of my grandson Wyatt. I also have list of things to paint under this glass. I also have greeting cards I’ve received from friends and family, it is always good to remember how special you are and how much you are loved!

I have a huge old cupboard which I purchased at an auction. The bottom cabinets are stuffed with decorative art projects waiting to be completed. The top cupboards hold treasures and keepsakes from many people in my life. I have painting and art books stacked in the cabinets, twinkle lights throughout, angels, my grandmothers teapot, my grandfathers shaving brush, cup and straight edge razor. This cupboard probably looks cluttered to some but it looks warm and inviting to me as I look upon these mementos I immediately taken back to the time I acquired these items. I have pottery pieces which my children created when they were in grade school, greeting cards with handwritten notes from family members and dear friends. It is always one of my favorite places to visit in my home.

My gray walls have been adorned with inspiring quotes such as, ‘Create a new masterpiece everyday’, ‘Do something CREATIVE everyday’, Nothing is impossible to those with a willing heart’. I have many more and will include some in the photographs…I love being surrounded by positive things!

In addition to all the items I’ve written about I have an antique map chest which I absolutely love. It was given to me by my art professor in college. A few of the drawers still have labels written in very old and eloquent cursive handwriting. This map chest is filled with art supplies, paper, watercolor paper, bristol board, drawing pads, and finished work awaiting framing.

I also have a cosy love seat and TV for times when I wish to relax and chill. Or perhaps I sit and read one of the many books from my art library also located in my studio.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of my home studio.

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mitchell kyd's picture

Loved the tour! Because I’ve been there, I know how fabulous the entire space looks as one entity but it was wonderful to hear the history behind and connection with each workspace, nook and cranny .This was deserving of at least one or two bigger photos– it’s not too late!

Susan DiDio's picture

I love your studio! So warm and cozy! What a great place to relax and create! I love the vintage tables, and especially love the map chest. What a perfect place to store art supplies! I’m going to keep an eye out for one of those!