Precious Memories

This morning as the sun rose in beautiful colors of yellow, orange, pink and crimson I felt great comfort, and warmth from its beauty. I thanked God for this miracle and for the chance to be a part of it. I was reminded of God’s promise and reassurance.

Today I will remember that fateful day three years ago when we lost my younger brother, Curt, to his battle with cancer. Curt was loved by all who knew him. He was the most humble and gracious person I’ve ever known. It was only through his death that I learned the depth of his grace.

Our family misses him terribly! However, I have blessed assurance that he is with God and waiting to be reunited with each of us. Today, we cry for us, for our loss of his presence here on earth. But most importantly, today we will spend more time rejoicing and celebrating his life, reminiscing about all the crazy things he did.

Curt was so much fun, I can still hear his contagious laugh. He was always picking and carrying on with us; rather it was tickling somebody or giving a good head rub. He was a wonderful husband, blessed with a wife who greatly loved and cared for him. Diane, our family will always be grateful to you. Curt was a tremendous father, he cherished and loved his son Denton.

Today, as I reflect on Curt and his life I am reminded once again of the need to appreciate every day and always look for the good. Find opportunities, not issues. Cherish our loved ones, spend as much time as possible with them and let them know they are loved.

Today, I hope to paint this mornings’ beautiful sunrise and reflect on God’s promise to all of us of eternal life. I hope to express all of the emotions I’m feeling today in my painting.

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