Mural painting, wow what a huge canvas!

A fellow artist, Kristin Taylor, was asked to paint a mural in two classrooms at Shalom Christian Academy. Kristin is a skilled potter and does some glass work too. She says she isn't a painter but she is doing a pretty awesome job.
Kristin felt the job was too daunting to take on herself so she called to see if I would help her. My two oldest grandsons have been students at Shalom pre-school and pre-kindergarten. I wanted to give something back to Shalom.

Creating your way to Joy! Painting & Personal Growth Series

Those of you that know me understand the passion I have for the joy of painting! I believe art transformed my life by giving me self confidence, self esteem and learning to love myself. As a teacher, I want to share this with as many other women as possible.  I am also a nurse and understand the great power of connecting our minds to our physical body.  So, I am absolutely thrilled to offer you the series Creating your way to Joy!


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