Hosting the Red Hat Club at Joyful Arts Studio, Inc.

I was absolutely full of anticipation as I awaited the arrival of the Red Hat Club. Tracy and Lindsey had created a gorgeous cake to serve our guest. The tables were spread with many bins filled with red and purple beads. I was wearing my red feather boa in honor of the regalia I knew they would be wearing. They were enjoying a delicious dinner at the Highline Cafe before joining me for a bracelet class.

Our Plein Air Painting Experience

What a glorious day of weather we had yesterday, just what we ordered for our first plein air painting adventure. We arrived at Mr. and Mrs. Cordell’s Gardens just after five. We were immediately greeted by a beautiful German shepherd and Mr. Cordell. He had us all sign in ‘the book’ to register our visit and then he suggested we make ourselves at home.


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